Euro Synthetic Oils - Motul 300V Motorcycle Oils

MOTUL 300V 4T 5w-30/5w-40/10w-40/15W-50 This 100% (0% shear) Double Ester Synthetic Motor Oil for RACE motorcycles and other high performance bikes, was developed for the leading factory race teams. Lower friction for increased power, exceptional film strength to protect the engine and gear box. Formulated especially for high performance 4-stroke engines, integrated gearbox or not, wet or dry clutch, engines running at very high temperatures and at very high RPMs. USE: speed bikes, endurance, uphill races, dirt bikes, MX, and STREET BIKES. Can be used with catalytic converters. Above existing standards. EURO SYNTHETIC OILS says "If you want one of the best oils in the market place for your bike, then look no further, MOTUL 300V 4 - Stroke Oils are indeed GREAT OILS. When you purchase these oils, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your "pride and joy" is totally protected and performance is optimal!"

  • 4-stroke competition lubricant
  • Double ester technology
  • Developed for the leading factory teams
  • Lower friction for increased power
  • Exceptional film strength to protect the engine and gear box
  • * Perfect for oil wet clutches