Motul 8100 Full Synthetic Street Oils



Motul 8100 Series oils are synthetic engine oils that have been formulated, developed and tested to exceed the most recent technical requirements of gasoline and diesel engines. MOTUL 8100 oils have synthetic base stocks and specific friction modifier molecules that provide outstanding oil film strength, reduce engine friction, maintain oil pressure, and decrease operating temperatures. Motul 8100 oils provide outstanding lubricating properties such as wear and high temperature resistance and controlled oil consumption. Anti-oxidation, Anti-wear, Anti-corrosion, and Anti-foam properties are test proven properties of these oils. Motul 8100 series synthetic motor oils are created with the most advanced synthetic motor oil technology available today. Motul 8100 offers excellent film adhesion that prevents dry start-ups. Motul 8100 oils are economical synthetic motor oils that are specifically designed for high output engines enduring high temperature and mechanical loads. Their wide viscosity range maintains stable performance at both extreme high and low temperatures. Euro says "these are great 100% ester based oils with wide versatility. They represent great value. Highly recommended."