Marvel Mystery Oil Keep It Clean Kit

Marvel Mystery Oil Keep It Clean Kit
Marvel Mystery Oil Keep It Clean Kit This kit includes two quarts of Marvel Mystery Oil and a 2 Liter (67 ounce) Twin Neck Measuring Dispenser Bottle with a Flexible Spout Funnel (pictured). There are two screw-on caps, one for each bottle neck. plus the flexible spout funnel. The flexible spout funnel can be screwed-on to each of the bottle necks. This measuring bottle has a 4 ounce reservoir. MMO lubricates the entire fuel system-fuel pumps, fuel injectors or carburetors and the top portion of the cylinders. These are areas, that by design, motor oil does not reach. MMO reduces and prevents valve sticking and clatter by breaking down harmful deposits of carbon and sludge. MMO fortifies the properties of motor oil, both Petroleum and synthetic.
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